Drink Milk, Drink Smart! Milk and milk products are a major source of protein, calcium, zinc and magnesium, vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

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Established in early 2012, ARPS Milkies started its operations with one main goal in mind: To provide the best quality milk and milk products to end consumers and in return pass the desired benefits to our village producers as well.

We acknowledge the fact that the best quality milk can only be received directly from small milk producers in villages.So to acheive it, We are establishing a Rural to Urban Milk Supply Chain, which involves direct village level procurement and are managing the purchasing-production-distribution through a distribution network.

We are continuously growing our Rural Milk Procurement network, completely controlled by strict Milkies guidelines for quality and hygene.

Our mission is to focus on our customer needs in order to establish long lasting relationships that can outlive market swings. We do not go to where the price dictates at any one moment as time move and then turn-away once that the temporary demand fizzled out.
We expect to develop lines of business that can help our customers build up a future relying on a competitive supply at the best possible terms of performance, both in price and quality, not independently but as a whole.

Key Factors:
 Delivering to the commitment made to every single stakeholder
 Building network and building trust and values in the network.
 Developing fair mechanisms for sharing benefits across the supply chain
 Developing coordination to gain the operational effectiveness.
 Using the new technologies to gain the competitive edge.
 Develop market for both morning and evening production of the milk.
 Providing value added dairy related services to the farmer who are part of the club.
 Bringing the modern techniques like LEAN, SIX Sigma for quality and process control in every operation of company.
 Strong technical collaboration and knowhow tie up with leading institutions like IVRI and NDRI.

Our Promise

Milkies is committed to deliver a consistent quality and stronger, deeper relationships with our clients. We foster a culture that prizes consistency, a high level of service and the delivery of hygenic products.

Our Strength - Our Producers

Dedicated Team

Our secret of quality - a direct procurement network from small milk producers, who are our biggest strength. And with their help, we deliver pure milk consistently. And in return, we develop new enterpreneurs in villages and provide our producers with many direct benefit schemes and ovisiouly the best price.

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