Drink Milk, Drink Smart! Milk and milk products are a major source of protein, calcium, zinc and magnesium, vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

Why Pure Milk

New Study Finds Milk-drinking Kids Reap Physical Benefits Later in Life. Research finds kids who drank more milk have faster walking times and better balance as older adults." Starting a milk drinking habit as a child can lead to lifelong benefits, even improving physical ability and balance in older age, according to new research. A new study published in Age & Aging found an increase of about one glass of milk a day as a child was linked to a 5% faster walking time and 25% lesser chance of poor balance in older age. The researchers suggest a “public health benefit of childhood milk intake on physical function in old age” – a finding that has huge potential for adults over 65, a population expected reach more than 70 million by the year 2030, doubling over just 30 years.

Milk in India

India is one of largest producer of milk. But the quality of milk is not so good because of Milk supply chain being over 90% unorganized. In Uttar Pradesh, the major source of milk is being supplied by milkmen. The milk is adulteraded with Oil, Urea detergent etc to meet the demand by small milkmen. We at Milkies have a very stringent quality and hygenity standards and that's why we procure milk directly from small producers in villages. We also train our producers to maintain cleaniness while milking and also make sure that they don't compromise the quality at any level.

ARPS Milkies was started in early 2012 by two software professionals who are having over 35 years of combined experience in Software industry. India being the No 1 milk producer in the world but still 90% milk sector is unorganized and farmers in the villagers are still not getting the benefit of cattle farming. This bitter fact generated the idea of establishing an end to end Milk supply chain in Bareilly(U.P) so that all the contributors of the supply chain can get the benefits what they deserve.

We are inspired to build a dairy industry that...  Embraces all village dairy producers, focuses on improving their profitability, and supports their growth and development through a progressive and proactive infrastructure, resulting in an adequate supply of high-quality dairy products preferred by consumers.
  Stimulates the collaboration of technology with dairy producers to help improve performance, better utilize inputs and increase profits.
  Collaborates across the research institutes, fodder companies, financial institutions and dairy industry forums etc. to bring the new ideas and affordable farming tools and solutions for producers.

Our Promise

Milkies is committed to deliver a consistent quality and stronger, deeper relationships with our clients. We foster a culture that prizes consistency, a high level of service and the delivery of hygenic products.

Our Strength - Our Producers

Dedicated Team

Our secret of quality - a direct procurement network from small milk producers, who are our biggest strength. And with their help, we deliver pure milk consistently. And in return, we develop new enterpreneurs in villages and provide our producers with many direct benefit schemes and ovisiouly the best price.

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