Drink Milk, Drink Smart! Milk and milk products are a major source of protein, calcium, zinc and magnesium, vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

Our Mission

To build a sustainable Milk Supply between producers and milk consumers and to benefit both producers and the consumers by strengthening trust and incrementing profitability for producers and provide best quality products and services for end customers at right price.

Our Vision

 In coming years, rural areas need to be strengthening to sustain the food supply which also includes milk.

 It is very important to provide strength to the farmer in the village so that he is encouraged more to stay in the village and contribute in the food production more and more which his main forte is.

 Where agriculture have many dependencies, it is very important for the villagers to look cattle farming as a side business which can provide them good money all the time and forever.

 ARPS Milkies aim is to create a hassle free and organized milk market in the villages so that all the above points can be addressed.

 Our belief is and it is our aim to encourage the farmer for more milk production by …
    o  Increasing their income by providing them the right prices for their milk with the help of a transparent payment process.
    o Eradicating the losses which occur to the farmer when he gives the milk to the milkmen.
    o By providing them value added services which help farmers for better handling of their animals.

Our Promise

Milkies is committed to deliver a consistent quality and stronger, deeper relationships with our clients. We foster a culture that prizes consistency, a high level of service and the delivery of hygenic products.

Our Strength - Our Producers

Dedicated Team

Our secret of quality - a direct procurement network from small milk producers, who are our biggest strength. And with their help, we deliver pure milk consistently. And in return, we develop new enterpreneurs in villages and provide our producers with many direct benefit schemes and ovisiouly the best price.

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